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  Introduction of Lin Yuan
  Life chronicle of Lin Yuan
  Record film of Lin Yuan
  Lin Yuan in their viewpoints
  Appreciation of Lin Yuan’s works
  Mixed Materials
  Stone carving
  Wood carving
  Stone painting



       Lin Yuan (1913-1991) with all his life as a hard-working farmer before the age of sixty-five (1976), then started his art creating works.  Under the auspices of the Taiwanese entrepreneur Huang Bingsong, Lin Yuan plunged himself into the creative arts, trying his hand in various art forms for fourteen consecutive years until his death at seventy-nine. His works are prolific and exhibit great diversity (including stone carving, woodcarving, embroidery, lithograph, painting, metal and assemblage art).  This precious film presented Lin Yuan’s in his simple but great achievement in art performance. Please watch the film above..

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